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Project School Visit:
St. Mary's Catholic School

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment - Muskoka

On December the 5th, 2005, we visited Huntsville's St. Mary's Catholic School. Below are pictures from the students and a letter from the school.

by Madeleine

by Ayden

WOW! The presentation was great! Maya kept the kids riveted for a good hour. The content was important to many curriculum objectives in many grade levels, for example flight in grade 6. Also the grade sixes had just finished a novel study on the book "my Side of the Mountain", so the presentation fit in perfectly.

The discussion of habitats and how it links with Peregrine especially how a city becomes habitat was great. The whole aspect of habitat fits perfectly with the grade 4 curriculum. The discussion on DDT and how it affected the birds as well as the adaptation the bird has gone through fits in with the Grade five curriculum. I could on, anyway the presentation was excellent! The presenter was very well versed and had a super rapport with the students.

I would like to thank Maya, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and the TD Canada Trust-Friends of the Environment for making this very worth while educational presentation possible.


John Romanow

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