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Project School Visit:
St. Jude Catholic School

Visit sponsored by: OPG - Pickering

On November the 10th, 2005, we visited Ajax's St. Jude Catholic School. Below are pictures from the students and a letter from the school.

by Matthew

by Monique

Thank you for visiting our school on November 10th to present information about the Peregrine Falcon and the impact that human activity has on these birds. The staff were very impressed with Tracy's ability to keep the students engaged in learning about the Peregrine Falcon. She was able to adjust the presentation to meet the needs of both the Grade Four and Grade Seven curriculum. The information on DDT and its presence in our food chain connects very closely with what we have been studying. The students were fascinated by "Oscar" the Peregrine Falcon and they were very surprised to learn about the existence of nesting boxes in Toronto and also at OPG sites.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Ontario Power Generation for their generous support of this program. Through their support, we are able to make real life connections between what is learned in the classroom and what happens to our environment. The students are excited about learning more about the falcons and have taken an interest in checking the status of the birds on the internet.

We hope that you will continue to support species like the Peregrine Falcon that are threatened. I hope that the students will learn that they can make a difference for our environment. We look forward to having you visit our school again next year!

Yours truly,

Sonia Wylie
Grade Seven/Eight Teacher

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