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Project School Visit:
Kakabeka Falls Public School

Visit sponsored by: OPG - Thunder Bay

On November the 3rd, 2005, we visited Kakabeka Fall's Kakabeka Falls School. Below are pictures from the students and a letter from the school.

by Kristina

by Cole

On behalf of Kakabeka Falls School I would like to thank your foundation, Mark Nash, and Ontario Power Generation for the wonderful presentation we had at our school on November 3,2005. The children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the chance to see a live peregrine falcon up close. Mark was a fantastic presenter, and he definitely held the children's attention. The information he provided the different classes with was relevant to the curriculum, and really made the kids think about how humans affect the environment and wildlife.

It is very generous of Ontario Power Generation to sponsor a program such as this. Any chance the children have to see a magnificent animal such as the peregrine falcon, and talk with someone as experienced and determined as Mark is about trying to save them is a bonus. It really inspires the kids to try to make a difference themselves.
Thank you!

Kelly Hedman
Grade 6 Teacher
Kakabeka Falls School

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