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Project School Visit:
George O'Neill Public School

Visit sponsored by: OPG - Thunder Bay

On November the 2nd, 2005, we visited Nipigon's George O'Neill Public School. Below are letters from the school.

I'm writing to express our appreciation to the Ontario Power Generation Corporation and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for the presentation at George O'Neill on November 2nd. The presenter was both knowledgeable and a skilled presenter. He had a captivated audience that was attentive throughout the presentation.

Katesh was the center of attraction and the students asked many excellent questions regarding her habitat and eating habits. It was a fantastic intro the follow up Science lessons that took place the following week.

The efforts of both the Ontario Power Generation Corporation and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation to promote these presentations in our schools should be highly commended.

On behalf of the students and staff at George O'Neill Public School, I thank you.


John Foulds, Principal

George O'Neill Public School staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the recent presentation put on by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. The information was presented at a level of understanding that was suitable for all grades that attended. The presenter captivated his audience and he had a great rapport with the students.

The presentation tied in with both the Science and Social Studies curriculum. Students gained better understanding of the food chain, endangered species, habitat and how Peregrine Falcons were used during Medieval Times.

Thank you for providing such an interesting and informative presentation.

Yours in Education

George O'Neill Public School Staff

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