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Project School Visit:
Algonquin Avenue Public School

Visit sponsored by: OPG - Northwest Plant Group

On November the 4th, 2005, we visited Thunder Bay's Algonquin Avenue Public School. Below is a picture from a student and a letter from the school.

by Keana

Algonquin Avenue Public School grade 4 and 6 students were thrilled to have Mr. Nash visit our school and teach us about this wonderful bird of prey.

We owe a very special thank-you to Ontario Power Generation for making the visit possible by providing their financial support to this program.

Mr. Nash was an excellent presenter. He kept all of the 100 plus students interested in everything he was teaching them about science and the peregrine falcon. Mr. Nash's delivery was very well done, he could easily be mistaken for an experienced teacher or master presenter.

There were several ties to both the grade 4 and 6 curriculum. The information the students learned will help their understanding of science for many years to come.

Please find enclosed in this envelope a large collection of drawings from the students at our school.


Grade 4 and 6 teachers at Algonquin Avenue Public School

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