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Snowy Owl
(Nyctea scandiaca)

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(Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

Size: 50-68 cm (similar to Osprey).   Description: Predominantly white, with variable amounts of black barring, heaviest on young females and lightest on old males.   Range: High Arctic in summer, above the treeline; throughout Canada in winter.   Habitat: Tundra in summer, any open areas in winter, especially airports and shorelines.   Nest: On the ground, sometimes lined with feathers and moss.   Voice: A low emphatic hoot when breeding, otherwise almost always silent.   Diet: Mostly lemmings when breeding, but will also hunt a variety of other rodents and birds.   Behaviour: Primarily diurnal.   Notes: Usually hunts from an elevated perch. Some species of ducks and geese nest near Snowy Owls for protection against predation by the Arctic Fox.



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Snowy Owl

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