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Long-eared Owl
(Asio otus)

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(photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

Size: 33-40 cm (similar to large pigeon or small Crow).   Description: Dark brown, somewhat like a slim version of a Great Horned Owl but with vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. Orange facial disks and long ear tufts close together on the head.   Range: Breeds in southern British Columbia, throughout the prairies and most of Ontario, in the southern half of Quebec, and in the maritime provinces. Winters in southern Ontario and the United States.   Habitat: Woods near open fields or marshes in summer. Prefers dense pine forests or plantations in winter.   Nest: Abandoned hawk or crow nest.   Voice: Quiet except during courtship when a wide variety of hoots, shrieks, and barks are produced.   Diet: Almost entirely rodents; rarely birds.   Behaviour: Strictly a nocturnal hunter.   Notes: When alarmed, stands fully upright as thin as possible and with ear tufts completely erect, and can easily be mistaken for a branch.



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