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Boreal Owl
(Aegolius funereus)

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(Photo by Shay Redmond)

Size: 23-25 cm (similar to American Robin).   Description: Flat-headed appearance, with white spots on dark brown forehead. Back is brown with large white spots, breast is white with brown vertical streaks.   Range: Throughout Canada’s boreal forest, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, sometimes further south in winter.   Habitat: Coniferous and mixed forests.   Nest: Old woodpecker hole or other tree cavity.   Voice: Rapid series of short hollow notes.   Diet: Voles, lemmings, mice.   Behaviour: Strictly nocturnal.   Notes: Often pounces on its prey from a favourite perch. Adult males rarely migrate, but juveniles and adult females roam more widely in winter, especially when rodent populations are low.





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