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April  2001.  The Corbloc Building in St. Catharines, which Mozart and Constanza selected for nesting.  Their nest site was at the top right of the building in this photo.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


April 3, 2001.  Profile photo of Constanze taken April 3, 2001 approximately 2 pm.  (Photo copyright by Barry Adams)



April, 2001.  Constanza standing on the ledge above the newly installed nest tray.  (Photo copyright by Barry Adams)

April 3, 2001.  Mozart & Constanze first check out nesting box.  (Photo copyright by Barry Adams)



March 31, 2001.  Yet another mating sequence, 11:45 am.  (Photo copyright by Barry Adams)

June 1999.  Mozart as a young fledgling on a perch near the Terminal Tower in  Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo copyright by Scott Wright)



June 1999.  Mozart stands protectively over some food as a fledgling in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo copyright by Scott Wright)

May 1999.  A closeup of Mozart's leg band, taken just after it was applied.  This band is what allowed observers in St. Catharines to identify Mozart when he arrived there in March 2001.  (Photo copyright by Scott Wright)



May 1999.  Mozart gets banded as a young chick in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo copyright by Scott Wright)

May 1999.  Mozart and his siblings huddle together within a couple of days of hatching on Cleveland's Terminal Tower; their mother, Zenith, is in the foreground.  (Photo copyright by Scott Wright)

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