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ARTICLE 1 - Early report on the North American peregrine nesting season
(by Marcel Gahbauer)

Thursday March 30, 2000
The peregrine nesting season is well underway throughout eastern North America.  By March 21, Mae, the resident female peregrine at Minnesota had already laid four eggs.  She is in her eleventh year at this site!  More information on the progress of Mae and her family can be found at the NSP Bird Cam.  As of March 25, an egg had been laid in Seattle too - check out the Falcon Research Group's webcam for updates on that site.  Cabot-Sirocco and Mariah have returned to the Kodak Building in Rochester, which now monitors the nest with 4 cameras!   Visit the Kodak Webcam for some impressive views of the birds.  Peregrines in Harrisburg, Pennslyvania; Columbus, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Columbus, Ohio are all incubating eggs as of the end of March.  Almost all of these birds are nesting early this spring, compared to recent years.

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