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May 13, 1999 -- Duncan flying past the nest, carrying a piece of food with his left foot.  Isabell's head can just be seen poking up above the branches on the nest.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

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May 13, 1999 -- Duncan hovering just above the nest, while Isabell continues to incubate their three eggs.  (Photo by Mark Nash)


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May 13, 1999 -- Duncan flying past, while Isabell watches from the nest.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

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May 13, 1999 -- Duncan on the approach to the nest with food.  (Photo by Mark Nash)


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May 13, 1999 -- Duncan about to land at the nest with food.  We were not able to identify what he was carrying, but it was surprisingly red for a fish.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

mbfoto8s.jpg (3498 bytes)

May 13, 1999 -- Isabell flying away with the food, while Duncan prepares to settle down on the nest.  Note - what at first looks like his leg sticking forward is actually a branch.  (Photo by Mark Nash)


mbfoto9s.jpg (4094 bytes)


May 13, 1999 -- Duncan standing alone on the nest.  Note the small white box mounted near the top of the pole - this is the video camera pointing down into the nest bowl.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

mbfoto1s.jpg (10403 bytes)

January, 1999 -- A view of the Osprey platform through the trees along the shoreline of the reservoir.  In the foreground on the right is a bluebird box put up by the conservation area, in an attempt to attract another of the region's rare breeding birds.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


mbfoto2s.jpg (6858 bytes)


January, 1999 -- The Osprey nesting platform in the Mountsberg reservoir.  The platform is approximately twenty metres from the shore, and roughly 10 metres in height.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

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