The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

(Photo by Mark Nash)

July 1st, 2003 -- Mark Nash reports: At approx. 2:30 pm, Tonga finally got enough
courage to take her second flight. Sadly, not a great strong flight, but a
learning experience never-the-less. After playing "nose tag" with three
sets of windows, she finally ran out of energy, unable to gain any altitude,
and like a kite with not enough wind to keep it up, Tonga floated down to
the street pavement.

By the time I got over to her, she was found with wings stretched out, flat
on her stomach, plenty out of air!! I was able to simply pick her up
without gloves and the towel, and carry her back to across the street to
Linda and the rescue box.

Although not hot in the shade, it was plenty hot in the direct sun light,
and the bird was clearly overheated and out of juice. She was placed in the
rescue box, and held there for observation for 60 minutes to allow her to
cool down, and allow us to properly inspect the bird before release to the
roof. She was given some water with the spray bottle, which she gulped up
with attitude!

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