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Photos of George - Taken in 2000

(Photos Courtesy of Joe Milner)






July 1, 2001 -- The young female, Xena, just after being banded.  She is being held by bander Russ Chantler; looking on are Paul Jordan (left) who discovered Xena trapped in a City of London water cooler, and Pete Read (right).  (Photo by Shay Redmond)


July 1, 2001 -- Russ Chantler holds the young female Xena, while falcon watcher Walter Tuszinski looks on.  (Photo by Shay Redmond)




July 22, 2000 -- Buffy, the larger of this year's two young females.  At the time she was banded (shortly after fledging), she weighed over 1 kilogram, making her the heaviest chick ever banded in London, and perhaps even all of Ontario.  (Photo by Joe Milner)
June, 2000 -- One of this year's young females, Willow.  Her lower mandible is slightly deformed, as it is longer than it should be and sticks out past the hook of her upper mandible.  (Photos by Joe Milner)




June, 2000 -- Willow takes a walk along the top of a wall.  From this angle her elongated lower mandible is again visible.  (Photo by Joe Milner)
June, 2000 -- The oldest of this year's three chicks, Xander perches on a building with part of London in the background.  (Photo by Joe Milner)

June, 2000 -- Xander, the young male, has quickly become a fantastic flyer, and loves to show off in front of his admiring audience.  In size, he is a carbon copy of his father George.  (Photo by Joe Milner)


June 4, 2000 -- One of the last photos of Calypso taken before she was killed by lightning on June 11.   (Photo by Joe Milner)


June 4, 2000 -- Another of the last views of Calypso, this time caught in the midst of vocalizing.  (Photo by Joe Milner)


lofoto21s.jpg (4344 bytes) June 8, 1999 -- The banding of the chicks.  Pud Hunter holds the young male while Russ Chantler records notes, and Sheila and Don Fowler look on.  (Photo by Su Ross)
lofoto20s.jpg (3015 bytes)  

June 8, 1999 -- A view from the roof of the Canada Trust building on which the peregrines are nesting.  Pud Hunter of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (standing) and Russ Chantler of the Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders (crouching) are preparing the ropes for the descent on the swing stage to the level of the nest.   (Photo by Su Ross)


lofoto19s.jpg (3000 bytes) June 8, 1999 -- The crowd gathers on the sidewalk to watch as the swing stage descends to the level of the nest ledge.   Pictured from left to right are Rob Turner, Pat Cole, Marcel Gahbauer, Natalie Helferty, and Sandra Metzger.  (Photo by Su Ross)
lofoto18s.jpg (3485 bytes)  

June 8, 1999 -- Calypso is trying to stare down Hal Schraeder of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as he approaches to grab the chicks for the banding.  It's not unusual for the adults to remain nearby or make aerial attacks as the chicks are taken away, but for one to actually stand on the nest box during this time is quite a rare experience.  (Photo by Shay Redmond)


lofoto17s.jpg (3574 bytes) June 8, 1999 -- "Thank you for bringing my babies back (now get lost!)".  The family reunited immediately after the banding.  A few minutes later the adult male returned to perch on the logo just above the nest, while Calypso remained with her three chicks for a while.    (Photo by Shay Redmond)
lofoto16s.jpg (4035 bytes)  

June 8, 1999 -- "I want my babies back!"  Calypso flew on to the nest tray while the swing stage was present, and made certain that all present were aware of her displeasure that the chicks had been brought inside for banding.    (Photo by Shay Redmond)


lofoto15s.jpg (4093 bytes) June 8, 1999 -- The view from the swing stage on Banding Day - this is what the peregrines can see from their nest ledge.    (Photo by Shay Redmond)


lofoto14s.jpg (6589 bytes)  

July, 1998 -- Freddy X perched on a windowsill of the Toronto Dominion bank about 30 feet above ground.  He had been sitting on a ledge for hours, then flew down from the Canada Trust building to land here.  (Photo by Shay Redmond)



lofoto13s.jpg (3347 bytes)


June 19, 1998 -- The adult female circling above and watching us as we stood on the platform beside the nest ledge while the chicks were being banded down below.  (Photo by Shay Redmond)
lofoto12s.jpg (2769 bytes) June 19, 1998 -- The adult female swooping in to harass us on banding day, shortly after we had removed her chicks from the nest.  We were standing on the platform by the ledge when she came directly toward us.  (Photo by Shay Redmond)

lofoto7b.JPG (9121 bytes)


June 19th /98 - BANDING DAY
(Photo by Shay Redmond)
lofoto8b.JPG (15478 bytes) June 28, 1998.  Photo taken #1 London Place, 22nd floor - the adult female sat for three hours until her chick decided to fly off to another location.
(photo by Shay Redmond)

lofoto6b.JPG (15494 bytes)


This photo  is of the adult female here in London, originally from Ohio.  This shot was taken through the window on the 22nd floor of #1 London Place, London Ontario, as she sat there for at least 3 hours watching one of her chicks on a ledge below shortly after fledging .
(Photo by Shay Redmond)
  June 19, 1998 -- This year, only two of the three chicks were banded -- one male, one female.
(Photo by Shay Redmond)


June 19, 1998 -- The adult female, now identified as coming from Cleveland, stands guard over the chick remaining on the nest ledge while its siblings are away being banded by Pud Hunter (OMNR).
(Photo by Shay Redmond)
  June 19, 1998 -- The one that got away. When the other two chicks were being taken off the ledge, this one ran to the far corner, out of reach.
(Photo by Shay Redmond)
  June 19, 1998 -- Mothers are seldom quiet when faced with a threat to the family homestead. She wants the rest of her family back (which they will be as soon as they've been banded).
(Photo by Shay Redmond)

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