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Raptor Information



Raptors of the world:

Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN)   
The Global Raptor Information Network ("GRIN") is designed to provide information on diurnal raptors (hawks, eagles, and falcons) and to facilitate communication between raptor researchers and organizations interested in the conservation of these species.

The American Eagle Foundation   
Dedicated to the preservation and protection of the bald eagle, this site contains a variety of information on conservation and education related to this species.

The Barn Owl   
Some background information on barn owls, plus a lot of detailed plans for constructing barn owl boxes.

Birds of prey   
Information about and photographs of North American birds of prey.

Birds of prey book  
A compilation of basic information on raptors from around the world, accompanied in many cases by photographs.

Birds of Prey page of links  
A compilation of over 60 links about raptors, including species accounts, rehabilitation centres, photo pages, observatories, falconry, and more.

Merlin Falcon Foundation
The Merlin Falcon Foundation is a non-profit organization that researches the Coastal Forest Merlin's life history and educates scientists and citizens about this raptor's importance to the Northwest environment.  
An incredible resource on owls of North and Central America, complete with extensive text, photos, and even sounds for many species.

The Owl Pages   
A compilation of links to information about owls.

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Raptor Webcams:  Sites which feature cameras on bird nests.  Live footage is generally available only during the nesting season, but most sites have extensive archives and photo galleries worth visiting at any time of year.  Note that most webcams are only visible during daylight hours, and these may vary depending on the time zone in which the site is located.

Alaska Eagle Cam 
Regularly updated snapshots from two video cameras above an Alaskan Bald Eagle nest, visible throughout the day and night due to the long daylight hours at this latitude.

Eagles Online
A website provided by Northeast Utilities Service Company, documenting the activities at a bald eagle nest.

Exeter Barn Owl Cam / Badger Cam  
Featuring webcams on a Barn Owl nest and a Badger den.

Great Horned Owl webcam 
An Osprey nest in North Carolina has become home to a family of Great Horned Owls this year.

Lake District Osprey Watch 
A webcam monitoring the nest where a pair of wild Ospreys are raising young for only the second time in England in the past 150 years.

New York Wild 
Currently featuring an Osprey webcam from the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, New York Wild is dedicated to being a year-round animal cam website featuring a variety of animals throughout the year, all accompanied by educational components.

Osprey Project  
A site dealing with the reintroduction of ospreys to England, complete with a webcam, information on their satellite tracking project, questions for school students, and much more.

OwlCam Home Page   
A site featuring a camera over a barred owl nest in Massachusetts. Features extensive archives from the 1997 and 1998 nesting seasons, including many excellent pictures.

Santa Catalina Island Eagle Cam 
Live streaming video from a California Bald Eagle nest which has been active since 1991.  The camera is solar operated, and noon pacific time is the optimum viewing period.  Active each year from February through June - search for "interactive" in the menu to access the nest during the breeding season.

Washington EagleCam
Two views of an active bald eagle nest in Washington State, plus links to other wildlife webcams in the state.

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