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Information sites



Peregrine falcons:   Sites documenting peregrine nests and releases around the world.  Many feature wonderful photo galleries and information about the biology and history of the peregrine.

Chattanooga - The Roi and Ima Site       
Photos and information on the peregrines nesting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Also included are photos and descriptions of their nest sites.

Connecticut's Peregrine Falcon Story   
Information on the historical and current status of the peregrine falcon in Connecticut.

Dairynet - Wisconsin 
News and history about the peregrines nesting in Alma and Genoa, Wisconsin.

The Falcon Home Page
At the University of Calgary. Detailed documentation of the 1996 and 1997 nesting seasons (including some photographs), plus additional information from 1995 and 1998. There is also a long list of links to other sites about peregrines.

Peregrine falcons in Virginia   
Photos and information on Virginia's nesting peregrine falcons.

Peregrine falcons of Australia  
A detailed report on a four-year scientific study of peregrines in Australia's Kosciuszko National Park, accompanied by a selection of great photographs of the birds and their habitat.

Peregrine Falcons of Morro Rock 
An excellent site documenting the nesting activities of peregrines at Morro Rock in California since 1967, and the history of recovery efforts in the Santa Cruz area. Good information on peregrine biology and conservation issues is also provided.

Raptor Research Project   
A very informative site dealing mostly with peregrine falcons, but also some other raptors, including ospreys.   Webcams on a peregrine nest and an osprey nest operate during the breeding season.  There is a good collection of peregrine photographs, which accompany the information about peregrine chicks and falcon facts.   Also included is a page which describes how to construct a nesting box for peregrines.

Tacoma Peregrines  
News and photos of the peregrine family in downtown Tacoma, Washington.

The Peregrine Fund
Located in Boise Idaho. This is an extremely extensive and informative site. In addition to peregrine programs, the World Center for Birds of Prey is undertaking a wide variety of interesting Conservation Projects. Don't forget to check out their Notes from The Field and News Releases.

VA Falcons | The Centre for Conservation Biology 
A website focusing on the peregrine falcon population of Virginia, featuring an extensive satellite tracking program as well as webcams, and a variety of information related to peregrine biology and reintroduction efforts in the state.

Victoria Peregrine Project 
A site providing information on the biology of Australian peregrines, including their nesting habits, distribution, and history.

Wisconsin Falcon Watch    
Detailed documentation on the history of the peregrine falcon recovery program in Wisconsin, accompanied by photos, a list of useful references, and more.

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Peregrine Webcams:  Sites which feature cameras on peregrine nests.  Live footage is generally available only during the nesting season, but most sites have extensive archives and photo galleries worth visiting at any time of year.  Note that most webcams are only visible during daylight hours, and these may vary depending on the time zone in which the site is located.  Also visit the main CPF Webcam menu page.

Amsterdam Peregrine Cam
A live camera in the Netherlands, hosted by the Werkgroep Slechtvalk Nederland (Dutch Peregrine Workgroup)

Buffalo Peregrine Cam  
Live snapshots and recent archives from the peregrine nest on Buffalo's Statler building.

Cleveland Falcon Cam    
The webcam provides not only live images of the downtown Cleveland nest (on the Terminal Tower), but also archived images from the previous eight hours, as well as an informative discussion board.  

Columbus Ohio peregrines
A site dedicated to the peregrine nest in downtown Columbus. There is a live video, plus archived images from last year, and links to other peregrine-related sites affiliated with the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Des Moines peregrine cam  
A live peregrine webcam monitoring the nest on the American Republic Insurance building in Des Moines, Iowa.

Fort Wayne Peregrines  
Webcam snapshots of Roosevelt and Freedom's nest updated every 30 seconds, plus related information.

Greenworks TV Falcon Cam 
Features a webcam on the Harrisburg eyrie, plus message boards, a section for kids, photo galleries, and more.

Helsingborg, Sweden Peregrine Cam   A webcam on Sweden's first pair of urban-nesting peregrines!  The site is only in Swedish at the moment, but an English version is being developed.

The Peregrine Falcon in Indiana
The Indiana Division of Natural Resources' Division of Fish and Wildlife Web Site.

Jersey City Peregrine Cam   
Watch the peregrines nesting on 101 Hudson, New Jersey's tallest building, and read reports on the events of the past season.  

Kodak Birdcam - Rochester peregrines
This site offers live updates from several cameras overlooking the nest of Mariah and Kaver on the Kodak tower in Rochester.  Peregrines have nested here successfully since 1998, and are back again for 2002.  There is also extensive information on peregrines and the history of the local birds.

Pennsylvania's Peregrine Falcon Page
Information on the latest news and history of the peregrines on the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg, plus a webcam showing activities at the nest.

Peregrine falcons nesting in Albany     
A history of the nesting records of peregrine falcons in the New York state capital, accompanied by a variety of photos of the chicks at the Dunn Memorial Bridge nest.

Peregrines in Brighton, England
Diaries, galleries, and histories this year's and previous years' activities at the nest in East Sussex.

Peregrines in the Czech Republic  
Watch a pair of peregrines nesting on a church in Pilsen.  Two cameras trained on the nest provide coverage around the clock, and information is also provided on the status of the peregrine in the Czech Republic.

Peregrine Watch at Travelers Tower  
Two webcams trained on a Connecticut peregrine nest, with photo galleries from this year and last, plus information about the nest site.

Plym Bridge Peregrine Watch
A website devoted to the peregrine falcons living near the city of Plymouth, Devon, in the United Kingdom. The nest is located in Cann Quarry, which " easily visible from a viaduct that carries the Plym Valley cycleway over the River Plym on its way from Plymouth up to Dartmoor." The site has a live webcam as one of its many features.

Regina Peregrine Falcon Project
Live video of the peregrine nest on Regina City Hall during the breeding season, and extensive photo, text, and video archives from past years.

San Francisco Peregrine Cam 
Watch the peregrine family at the San Francisco Bay area's Oracle Campus via two cameras.

Seattle Peregrine Project
During the spring and early summer, live video images are available of "Bell" and "Stewart", the resident peregrines of Seattle. They are nesting downtown on a ledge on the 56th floor of the Washington Mutual Tower. Selected images from previous nest years are available in the photo gallery, and there is a written summary of the 1998 nesting season.

University of Alberta falcon cam    
Two cameras taking pictures of the same nest, located at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in the University of Alberta. One camera shoots the nest box from the outside and the other provides a look inside.

Virginia Falconcam    
Watch Virginia and James as they nest on the James River Bridge in Norfolk, Virginia.  Two camera views are available.

Wanderfalken Live   
A webcam remarkable for broadcasting in real time with sound, and focusing on a cliff nest site.  Lots of additional information about the birds too, in German with sections in English.

Wanderfalkenschutz Heidelberg   
A site from Germany with a live webcam in season, plus archived photos and information on past nesting seasons.  The nest box was installed on top of the spire of Holy Spirit Church in 1999 as a school project, and after a 47-year absence from the area, peregrines raised chicks there successfully in 2000 and 2001.

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Peregrine Falcon Cam 
A webcam featuring the family of four chicks on Pittsburgh's Gulf Tower.  Two of this year's chicks will be fitted with satellite transmitters to join the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's Project Track-'em.

Wisconsin Peregrine Cam
A view into the home of Alice and Omni, Milwaukee residents since 1994.

Woodmen Falcon Watch
A falcon nest on the 28th floor of the Woodmen Tower in downtown Omaha. Sponsored by the Nebraska Peregrine Falcon Project.

Xcel Energy Peregrine Cam - Minnesota    
Live images from a nest box 400 feet above ground at the King Plant in Bayport, Minnesota, plus photos and information on the success of peregrines at other Xcel buildings in Minnesota.

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