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Conservation / Research facilities


Rehabilitation / Education centres

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Conservation / research facilities:

Barren Grounds Bird Observatory   
An Australian centre with several active research projects, many of which the public is encouraged to participate in.

BirdLife International  
BirdLife International protects birds and their habitats and through this promotes conservation of the world's biological diversity and the sustainable use of the world's natural resources.  Their site features information on the organization, and its projects, resources, and partnerships.

BirdLife Malta  
News of bird-related issues and activities in Malta, profiles of local nature reserves, and more.

Bird Studies Canada  
The mission of Bird Studies Canada is to advance the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, in Canada and elsewhere, through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of its members, volunteers, staff and the interested public.  Their website offers profiles of each of their ongoing programs.

Birds Australia   
A partner of BirdLife International, with information on Australian birds, observatories, conservation, and more.

Conservation Through Birding   
A website encouraging birders to make an effort to use birding activities to promote the conservation of birds and their habitat.

Ellis Bird Farm   
This site features information about bluebirds and other cavity nesting bird species, and also includes a selection of photographs, plus links to related organizations.

G. M. Sutton Avian Research Centre  
A research centre in Oklahoma involved in bald eagle restoration, breeding bird atlas work, and research on prairie birds including the dickcissel and prairie chicken.

Hawks Aloft Inc.   
Hawks Aloft works to conserve indigenous wild birds and their habitat through research and education.  The site features information on a wide variety of raptors, a special kids page, a newsletter, and much more.

The International Osprey Foundation    
An organization dedicated to promoting the recovery of the osprey and other raptors.  Featured on the site is information on satellite tracking of ospreys, as well as some great photos, and outlines for constructing artificial nesting platforms.

Journey North    
An informative and well-designed site that tracks the migrations of a dozen species through North America, including bald eagles, Baltimore orioles, monarch butterflies, whooping cranes, hummingbirds, and others.  Journey North is linked to educational programs in many schools in Canada and the United States.

Migrating Birds Know no Boundaries
A joint Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian venture dedicated to studying the region's birds, including Lesser Kestrel, Eurasian Crane, Griffon Vulture, and White Stork.  There is information on each species, plus webcams and satellite tracking projects for some of them.

The Raptor Center
Located at the University of Minnesota, the Raptor Center is an international medical facility for birds of prey. Their mission is to preserve biological diversity among raptors and other avian species through medical treatment, scientific investigation, education, and management of wild populations. The site includes facts on peregrines and other raptors, details on current clinic cases, information on legislation concerning raptors, and much more.

Raptor Education Foundation   
The Raptor Education Foundation's mission is to bring knowledge for preservation of ecological diversity by promoting environmental literacy.  The website includes information about the REF's educational programs and services, plus a variety of information on raptors.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds   
More than 110 years old, RSPB is Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity, with more than a million members.  The website offers a variety of information on birds, including games, surveys, webcams, conservation information, and much more.

Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group  
The SCPBRG was formed in 1975 to help save the peregrine falcon in California, and has since become a resource to biologists, industry, and university researchers looking for assistance with the management of raptors.  Current studies involve golden eagles, burrowing owls, and California condors, among others.  Information on all these programs and more is available on the website.

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory    
The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the birds of southeastern Arizona, their habitats and the diversity of species which share those habitats through research, monitoring and public education.

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust   
An organization dedicated to working to save wetlands for wildlife and people.

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Rehabilitation / education centres:

Alaska Raptor Centre    
Founded in 1980, the Alaska Raptor Centre provides medical treatment for bald eagles and other birds of prey, educates people about Alaska's bird and environmental conservation, and conducts research on the bald eagle.

Birds of Prey Foundation    
The Bird of Prey Foundation is a non-profit organization in Colorado which treats injured and orphaned wildlife (primarily raptors) with the aim or returning healthy individuals to their natural habitat.  Education is also an important component of their work.

Carolina Raptor Centre  
An organization dedicated to environmental education and to the conservation of birds of prey through rehabilitation, research and reproduction.  The site features a history of the centre, case profiles, and the Raptor Link Clearinghouse - a well-sorted compilation of over one hundred raptor links.

Cascades Raptor Centre   
A non-profit nature centre and wildlife hospital in Eugene, Oregon, specializing in wild birds of prey.  Check out the valuable tips on rescuing and caring for injured birds.

Flight to Freedom 
The mission of Flight to Freedom is to develop a sanctuary for injured raptors in Boise Idaho, and to provide them with the assistance needed to prepare them for reintroduction to the wild.

How to find a wildlife rehabilitator  
A listing of rehabilitators across North America and around the world - a great resource when you find an animal in need of help.

The Hawk Conservancy  
A centre in England involved with the breeding and rehabilitation of birds of prey, as well as public education.  Check out the detailed profiles of the 'species of the week'.

Ninepipes Centre for Wildlife Research and Education  
A centre in Montana which conducts long-term ecological research on a variety of owl species, and disseminates their findings among both other professionals and the public through an extensive educational program.

Raptor Rehabilitation and Research   
A facility in Austria concerned with the care and study of all raptors.  Information is provided on the birds and location, as well as about the research and field work that is done with them.

Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky  
Information on activities at this raptor rehabilitation facility, as well as species profiles of many of eastern North America's birds of prey.

The Raptor Trust (UK)   
A registered charity in Norfolk run by volunteers, which treats sick and injured birds of prey and educate the public about the need to protect and conserve birds of prey and the habitat in which they live.  Included on their site is information on conservation, education, rehabilitation, and research.

The Raptor Trust (US)    
An organization in New Jersey dedicated to providing free care and assistance to injured, sick, or orphaned wild birds, while also educating the public about wild birds, especially birds of prey. 

The Wild Bird Clinic
Part of the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, this clinic is where many injured wild birds are taken for repair and treatment. Toronto’s own Pounce-Kingsley spent several months there recovering from a broken wing after being found on a street in Windsor Ontario in 1992. Information is available about the Wild Bird Clinic, its rehabilitation efforts, its educational programs, and more.

The Union Québecoise de Réhabilitation des Oiseaux de Proie (UQROP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 working for the preservation of birds of prey and their natural habitat through establishing a network for the treatment of orphaned or sick birds of prey in Quebec, and introducing these species to the public through education programs.

The Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center of East Carolina provides care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.  Check out the website for information on the Center and some of the birds they treat.

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Environmental news and resources:

BBC AnimalZone   
Daily news and interviews, plus BBC program listings, quizzes, reviews, and more.

Endangered Animals   
A simple page listing more than 70 links to other websites featuringinformation on a variety of endangered species and related environmental issues.

Environmental News Network    
A news site with extensive archives that can be searched for articles on a wide variety of environmentally related topics.   

A comprehensive online information resource centre for anyone interested in environmental issues.  Included are links to current news articles, environmental organizations, other websites, and much more.

Hinterland Who's Who    
A series of documents prepared by the Canadian Wildlife Service which provide information on the appearance, life history, and habits of Canadian birds and mammals, as well as on general topics such as endangered species and bird feeding.

School World   
Internet education facilities, programs and assistance to internationally based schools, teachers, students and educators both in the private and public sector. This is a great site with a lot to see and do. A must see for all! Check out their school world zoo and endangered species projects and "Ask the expert"!

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