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Bird(ing) Resources


Birding / Naturalist Clubs

Birds and birding resources: 

Bird Links to the World  
A massive compilation of more than 13,000 bird-related links, classified by region and theme.  Truly an incredible resource.

Bird Links to the World - Canada  
A site with links to bird and conservation-related web pages in Canada.  Part of a network of global sites which can be accessed through this page.

Bird Spotting: 10 Most Common Wild Birds in the UK  
A guide on how to identify the UK's 10 most common birds.

Birding at  
An incredibly comprehensive resource featuring information on anatomy, identification, and travel, plus postcards, clipart galleries, quizzes, and much, much more.

Birding Hotspots around the World 
A comprehensive overview of birds on all the continents, including an extensive photo gallery, guides to the best birding spots in each country, and detailed statistics about the numbers of species to be found in different areas.

Birding in British Columbia  
A guide to birding in BC, including rare bird reports and site guides, as well as travel and weather information.

Birding in Canada
Very broad coverage of birding in Canada. Included are provincial and local bird lists, a birding chat room, a list of birding events, information on optics, Canadian birding publications, site guides, birding hotlines across the country, and much more.

Birds of Britain   
A thorough reference to the birds found in Britain, featuring profiles of more than 100 species, plus photos, articles, quizzes, and lots of information on birding in Britain.

Birds of Provence-Beyond  
Information about and photos of some of the birds found in the area beyond the French Riviera, including a series of raptor photos and related comments.

Birding on the net  
A very large compilation of North American birding links, plus direct access to similar lists of links for other parts of the world, and a link to BirdChat.

Birds of New England 
Photos and links to information about New England birds.

Birdwatching Australia  
A directory of Australian birdwatching tours, guides, clubs, accomodation, and reference information.  
A website featuring a comprehensive selection of wild bird information, articles, an on-line lifelist, and the mall.

British Columbia Wildlife Watch   
A variety of information on British Columbian wildlife, featuring site descriptions and directions, listings of events throughout the province, bird checklists, a newsletter, and much more. 

Cape Breton Birds   
A web site with information on birdwatching trips, feeding wild birds, what rare birds are being seen around Cape Breton, nest box building, and questions and answers about wild birds.

Cascadia Birding Links   
An impressive compilation of links to over 900 bird-related website, sorted alphabetically.

East Coast Birds  
A site produced by the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, featuring bird photos, site guides, articles from the East Coast Birds Magazine, and very informative excerpts and species profiles from Robie Tufts' Birds of Nova Scotia.

Fat Birder   
A site linking up birding enthusiasts around the world.  It is based in the UK and features a lot of information on British birds, but also some on birds elsewhere.

Field Guide to the Birds on the Web  
An alphabetical list of birds of the world, providing links to photos or illustrations for most, as well as sound files for some of them.

Hancock Wildlife: Nature Books and Bird Information Service   
A site featuring a catalogue of books on birds, reptiles, mammals, and more.  For most titles, there is a synopsis, table of contents, book review, chapter excerpt, and information about the author.   
A very thorough site with information about hummingbirds, how to attract them, and more.  Also features a map tracking spring migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

A Massive Guide To Birdwatching: Find Out All About Birding Like a Pro!  
For starters, bird watching may seem only like a fun task. But for millions of people around the world, it is much more than that. It is a common habit or...

MME / BirdLife Hungary    
Includes a list of all bird species found in Hungary and information on Hungarian rarities.  Site is available in English and in Hungarian.

Neville Recording  
Neville Recording has been producing high quality natural bird song CD's since 1994.   Visit their website to see descriptions of each of their CD's, and to hear samples from them.

Ontario Birding Home Page
An excellent site covering virtually every aspect of birding in Ontario. Among the many features are local bird sightings from across the province, information on birding tours and products, site guides, an extensive compilation of bird-related web links, and a list of Canadian birders with e-mail.   
A very extensive site dedicated to the dissemination of information about birds around the world (though with a North American emphasis).  Their goal is to provide accurate and informative scientific information on a variety of ornithological subjects, of interest to everyone from amateurs to professional ornithologists.

Richard Mravik's Home Page  
The website of nature artist Richard Mravik, including some excellent portraits of birds of prey.

Rob Bierregaard's Home Page  
Information on research on barn owls, ospreys, other raptors, and neotropical migrants.

Sunny Yeo Home Page   
A Singapore site with information on local birds, a general introduction to birding, and some information on the activities of the Singapore bird group.

The Virtual Birder   
A large site featuring "simulated birding tours" - opportunities to test your bird identification skills on such challenging groups as shorebirds and migrant raptors.  There are also extensive photo galleries and lots of interesting articles.

World Birds      
The main feature of this site is a list of world bird families, with detailed descriptions and excellent photographs of many of them.

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Birding / Naturalist clubs:

African Bird Club  
News and articles on birds in Africa.

Canberra Ornithologists Group  
A group in Canberra, Australia which promotes the study and conservation of birds, and offers members regular meetings, field trips, and publications.

The Hamilton Naturalists' Club
Additional reports on the Hamilton peregrine nest site, from 1995 through 2001. The site also contains a link to the other activities of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club.

Hunter Bird Observers Club  
Information on this club in New South Wales, Australia, plus information on local birding spots and a list of species found in the area.

Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists  
A naturalist club in New South Wales, Australia, involved in conservation of local wetlands, and offering regular meetings and field trips for members.

Nivon Birding Group 
A birding club in Goor, the Netherlands.  Their website includes information on local projects, bird-ringing (banding), and a variety of local species including the barn owl.

Neotropical Bird Club  
News and articles on birds in Central and South America, including some very detailed species accounts.

New Mexico Ornithological Society   
Ornithologists involved in breeding bird surveys, migration monitoring, and nest records in New Mexico.  A checklist of state birds is included on the site.

Oriental Bird Club  
News and articles on birds in the Orient, plus identification tips and some site guides.

Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
The official website of the oldest natural history club in Canada, with information on birding, botany, environmental issues, and more in the Ottawa area.

The Red Cliffs Chapter of the Audubon Society  
The newest chapter in Utah. Information on the club’s activities, as well as photographs and links to other sites.

South Bay Birders Unlimited  
Information on birds and birding in the San Francisco area, featuring bird lists, maps, tide information, a list of all U.S. endangered birds, and an article on Merlie the Merlin.

Wings over the Rockies  
News, events and activities in British Columbia’s Columbia River Valley.

York Ornithological Club  
Information on birdwatching in York and North Yorkshire, including bird records, site guides, a listing of events, and links to other interesting bird sites.

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