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August 2002 -- Gillespie takes flight again after his brief rehabilitation in Burford.  (Photos by Dr. Chris Crombie)



July 30, 2002 -- One of the fledglings soars over Kitchener on its first flight.  (Photo by Alanna Agnew Gay)



July 30, 2002 -- A last minute peek at Destiny, Langford, and Gillespie inside the hack box prior to their release.  (Photo by Mark Nash)





July 2002 -- The chicks spent much of their time on the ledge at the front of the box, up against the bars.  (Photos by Judith Agnew)

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July 15, 2002 -- Mark Nash, CPF director, accepting a cheque from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for the Kitchener Release.  Left to right: Mark Nash, Moragh Lippert, Brenda Graham.   (Photo by Verne Sawyer)


July 15, 2002 -- Presentation of a cheque to the Ontario Hawking Club in support of the Kitchener-Waterloo hack release, by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.   (Photo by Verne Sawyer)

July 15, 2002 -- Pud Hunter bands Langford while Jim Wilson maintains a firm grip on the young peregrine.   (Photo by Verne Sawyer)


July 15, 2002 -- Judith Agnew giving some water to Destiny following her banding.  (Photo by Verne Sawyer)

July 15, 2002 -- The three chicks just after banding, from left to right:  Gillespie, held by CPF Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter coordinator Judith Agnew; Langford, held by Martin Geleynse of the Ontario Hawking Club; and Destiny, held by Brenda Graham of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  (Photo by Verne Sawyer)



July 15, 2002 -- A bit of sibling rivalry ... Gillespie sitting on top of Destiny just after they were put in the hack box.  (Photo by Verne Sawyer)



July 15, 2002 -- Langford in his new home.   (Photos by Verne Sawyer)





July 15, 2002 -- The two male chicks in the hack box for the first time, right after having been banded.   (Photo by Mark Nash)



July 2002 -- Last minute modifications are made to the hack box prior to the arrival of the chicks, by David Agnew Gay inside the box, and Bernie Gay outside.  (Photo by Judith Agnew)



July 2002 -- Before the birds arrived, the hack box was given a fresh coat of paint by Bernie Gay to ensure that it would continue to reflect the light well, keeping the inside of the box as cool as possible.  (Photo by Judith Agnew)



July 2001 -- Sarah, recognizable by the small antenna rising away from her back, perches on the hack box in the late evening light, and then flies off with one of the quail that had been left at the box as food.   (Photos by Alanna Agnew Gay)

July 2001 -- Arthur takes a break on a somewhat unusual perch, a barbed wire fence.   (Photos by Judith Agnew)


July 2001 -- Sarah dropping in on the falconwatchers at the Duke-Ontario Parking Garage to see what all the fuss is about.   (Photo by Amy Mui)

July 2001 -- Guinevere soaring right over the heads of the falconwatchers.   (Photo by Amy Mui)


July 2001 -- One of the juveniles peering out over the front platform of the hack box.   (Photo by Amy Mui)

July 2001 -- Rangers from the Waterloo Stewardship Network try their hand at "Peregrine Watching" from the top of the Duke-Ontario Parking Garage.   (Photo by Amy Mui)


July 4, 2001 -- Arthur being returned to the safety of the hack box after his first (somewhat unsuccessful) attempt at flying.   (Photo by Amy Mui)


July 6, 2001 -- Two of the fledglings perched on the platform in front of the hack box, two days after their release.   (Photo by Jonathan Harrison)

July 3, 2001 -- The peregrines emerging out on to the platform and roof of the hack box shortly after their release.   (Photo by Mark Nash)

July 3, 2001 -- Local media - CKCO news and Rogers Cable - were present to document the release of the peregrines.  (Photo by Mark Nash)



Early July, 2001 -- The angle of the sun made the lighting of this photograph less than ideal, but it illustrates well the size difference between a female (Sarah at left) and a male (Arthur at right) peregrine.   (Photo by Sheri Walker)


Early July, 2001 -- A profile of Arthur up against the bars of the hack box just a couple of days before release.   (Photo by Sheri Walker)


Early July, 2001 -- Arthur opens his beak to squawk at the intrusion as one of the volunteers reaches in to the back of the hack box to replace the water dish.   (Photo by Sheri Walker)

Late June, 2001 -- Henry looks over his shoulder inside the hack box.   (Photo by Sheri Walker)


June 21, 2001 -- Arthur, Sarah and Guinevere waiting in the hack box for their food (approximately 35 days old).   (Photo by Amy Mui)


June 13, 2001 -- After being placed in the hack box, two of the chicks ran to one corner of the hack box...   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)
June 13, 2001 -- ... while the other two quickly scurried to the opposite corner.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


June 13, 2001 -- Settling in to their new residence, one of the males (foreground) rests on a beam at the side of the box, while sister in the background squawks her disapproval.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)
June 13, 2001 --  A stern look over the shoulder from one of the young females signals the end of the brief photo session.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

June 13, 2001 -- The view from inside the hack box, which is what the four young peregrines will be seeing for the next few weeks until they are released.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)





June 13, 2001 -- One of the female peregrine chicks shortly before entering the hack box.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)
June 13, 2001 -- Mayor Carl Zehr enjoys the rare opportunity to hold one of the female peregrines just after the banding ceremony was completed.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

June 13, 2001 -- Brenda Graham of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation holds one of the chicks immediately after the banding.  The Friends of the Environment Foundation is one of the principal financial sponsors of the Kitchener peregrine release.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


June 13, 2001 -- Don Hogg, President of the Kitchener Lions Club (left) presents CPF Director Mark Nash (centre) with a cheque to support the Kitchener peregrine release, while Rudy Kruppa of the Lions Club (right) holds one of the chicks.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

June 13, 2001 -- Peter Wilhelm, Chair of the Waterloo Stewardship Network, takes a look at one of the newly arrived chicks, being held by OMNR biologist Al Murray.   (Photo by the Waterloo Stewardship Network) 





June 6, 2001 -- Assembling the hack box on the roof of Kitchener City Hall was no simple task - Bruce Massey stands amidst the many pieces of the box trying to figure out where to begin.   (Photo by Mark Nash) 

June 6, 2001 -- Jackie Munro (left) of the Kitchener-Waterloo Stewardship Council puts the finishing touches on the hack box while Bruce Massey inspects the opposite side.   (Photo by Mark Nash)


June 6, 2001 -- CPF Director Mark Nash makes some adjustments inside the hack box while Jackie Munro provides feedback from outside.   (Photo by Bruce Massey)


June 6, 2001 -- Bruce Massey and Jackie Munro test out the hack box from inside - if it can fit two people, it will certainly be big enough for four young peregrines...   (Photo by Mark Nash)

June 6, 2001 -- The front platform has been attached to the hack box, and support beams are being affixed to the sides.   (Photo by Jackie Munro)


June 6, 2001 -- Mark Nash and Bruce Massey tilt the hack box up into position.   (Photo by Jackie Munro)


June 6, 2001 -- After six hours of work, Mark Nash standing beside the completed hack box.   (Photo by Jackie Munro)


June 13, 2001 -- The hack box, now installed on the roof of Kitchener City Hall.  The box faces to the south, and is sheltered from the afternoon sun by a higher wall to the west.   (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

June 6, 2001 -- The hack box for the Kitchener release, assembled at the Kortright Centre of Conservation by Mark Nash.   (Photo by Mark Nash)


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