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Peregrine Falcon Development - Age Guide

The photos below chronicle the development of a peregrine falcon chick from hatching through to fledging.  All photos are from the 2002 Rochester, New York nest, captured via the Kodak Birdcam and reproduced here with the kind permission of Kodak.  Note that while these photos represent a fairly typical progression of development, the rate of growth does vary slightly among different birds.

Click on each photo below for an enlarged view and comments on the changes in the chick

1 day

7 days

10 days

11 days

13 days

15 days

16 days

17 days

19 days

20 days

21 days

22 days

23 days

24 days

25 days

26 days

27 days

28 days

29 days

30 days

31 days

32 days

33 days

34 days

35 days

36 days

37 days

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