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Volunteer opportunities

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation relies on the support of hundreds of volunteers to carry out its programs.   If you share our concern for peregrine falcons and other threatened and endangered raptors, please take a moment to consider how you might be able to assist us.

Here are just some of the many ways you can help:

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Become a member:
As a member of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, you will be supporting our research and conservation projects, and will be kept completely informed of all developments.  Visit our Membership page for details.

Make a donation:
Click here to donate online! Simply fill out our Online Donation Form - we accept Visa and Mastercard!
Charitable donations from people like you help keep the Canadian Peregrine Foundation going.   For Canadian citizens, donations are tax-deductible.  Please visit the Gift Shop or Project Adoption to see how you can contribute (and get a gift for yourself or a friend in return!).

Report peregrine sightings:
If you see a peregrine, please send us a report, including the date, time, and location.  This information will help us keep track of the known pairs of peregrines, and also may lead to the discovery of previously unknown territories.

Send us information:
We are always looking to add reference material to the CPF website to make it a more valuable resource for researchers at all levels.  If you have any information about peregrine falcons or other endangered raptors which we could add to our website, please e-mail it to us.  We will credit you for any contributions we use.

Help us find sponsors:
Most of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's programs are largely dependent on the support of corporate sponsors.  If you are aware of a company or a foundation that might be willing to support one or more of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's programs, please consider helping by putting us in contact with them.  Your suggestions are welcome at any time by e-mail or at 1-888-709-3944.

Provide access for monitoring of nest sites:
We are searching for access to high observation points in buildings overlooking each peregrine nest/release site.  We would like to use such a site during Project Watch-'em, and also in some cases earlier to determine the identity of the adults and monitor the progress of the family.   If you know of any space that might be available for this purpose, please contact us.

Volunteer at the CPF office:
We periodically need help around the office with large mailings, maintaining databases,  and more. People interested in helping us out are encouraged to let us know on our online form.

Volunteer at Fledgling Watches:
Large numbers of volunteers are needed at each of the nest and release sites in June/July each year as the young peregrines begin to fly.  No previous experience necessary - just an interest in helping to take care of these birds, and to learn from existing volunteers.  Read about Project Watch'-em for more details. People interested in this volunteering opportunity are encouraged to let us know by filling out our online form.

Volunteer at the Raptor Centre:
Volunteers are needed at the Raptor Centre to help with various tasks. Volunteers at the centre will have the opportunity to work through our Volunteer Program, which consists of progressive levels of greater responsibility through which volunteers will pass as they invest more time and acquire more skills and knowledge. Possible tasks for volunteers include sweeping and mopping the indoor arena, classroom and pens, disinfecting bath pans and hoods, scrubbing pen walls, preparing food and glove feeding birds. For more information about the Raptor Centre, please see the Raptor Centre section of our website. People interested in this volunteering opportunity are encouraged to apply through our online form.

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