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2006 Etobicoke Banding Photo Gallery

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Banding Day

June 9th, 2006

Mark Nash reports:
Banding Day – All 4 female chicks!
And some additional great news!!!

A great day indeed! Assembled in the lobby again this year, and everyone seemed every bit as excited as I was. With many thanks to Oxford Properties, All Trans Financial, and our good friends at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, along with some 75 plus attendees, the banding went without a hitch again this year and was a great success. This year’s 4 hatchlings were as feisty as ever, and are all girls!! Yes, all female chicks this year, and HUGE in size and weight!! All four female hatchlings weighted in at more than 4355 grams combined weight, with an average individual weight of 1088 grams each. All of the chicks were over 1000 grams! Many photos were taken by several photographers this year, and you can see them all in the 2006 Etobicoke photo gallery.

The four girls were named: Liza, Chara, Wendy, and Laura.

With the kind support of All Trans financial, Mr. Alexander presented us with some additional great news to top off the banding. All Trans Financial has offered to purchase a large screen flat monitor that will be installed just above the bank machines outside there suite in the east lobby. We will once again be able to provide the live colour camera images of the nest ledge. With the support of Oxford and the Clarica Centre management, who has agreed to install the flat screen monitor, you will once again be able to watch the peregrines and their families throughout the year in living colour.

A huge thank you to All Trans and the Clarica management group for making this happen!!!!!!

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