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June 9, 2003 -- The Rochester 5: Looking out at the world 



June 9, 2003 -- The Rochester 5: Three of the eyas hatched in one day. The next one hatched 12-16 hours later and the last one, about a day later 



June 24, 2000 -- The juvenile female peregrine MaryAnn says good riddance to the assembled crowd atop the Kodak Corporation Head Office in Rochester.  The satellite transmitter is clearly visible on her back.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

June 24, 2000 -- MaryAnn and one of her siblings have a conversation with each other on the roof of the Kodak Building.  (Photo by Paul Grieve)

June 24, 2000 -- MaryAnn takes a break to investigate some of the wires on the roof.  The antenna is clearly visible in this photo even though the transmitter unit is not - a typical view when seen from below.  (Photo by Paul Grieve)




June 24, 2000 -- Members of the Rochester team on tagging day, waiting for the next elevator to the roof to watch the release of the juvenile MaryAnn, wearing her new satellite transmitter.  Pictured from left to right (foreground): Dennis Money (Rochester Gas & Electric, and the Rochester Peregrine Falcon Project), Michael Allen (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Wildlife), Paul Grieve (Predator Films); background: Brad Carney (Eastman Kodak - wearing white shirt), Mike Champlin (Kodak Post Central Digital Post Productions - with camera).  (Photo by Mark Nash)



June 24, 2000 -- MaryAnn Giglio, Executive Assistant to the Chairman & CEO of Eastman Kodak Corporation, says her goodbyes to MaryAnn the peregrine before she is released wearing her new transmitter backpack. (Photo by Mark Nash)

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