The Canadian Peregrine Foundation Assists in Bald Eagle Investigation


To further the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) investigation into the cause of an unusual injury to a bald eagle found in the Bayfield area this summer, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation (CPF) encourages anyone with information to complete the Request for Information form below. (Click here for the news release on the MNR Web Site.)

On July 21 of this year an injured immature female bald eagle was captured in Bayfield, Ontario, a community south of Goderich on Lake Huron. This bird had a damaged upper beak. Because of the unusual nature of the injury and other characteristics of the bird, MNR has been carrying out an investigation as to the cause. Bald eagles are protected under Ontario's Endangered Species Act.

Not having an upper beak made it impossible for the bird to eat or drink properly so it was euthanized.


Most people will find the pictures of this bird's injury disturbing. 
It is not recommended that children proceed to the next section without adult supervision. 
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Anyone who might have seen this bird or know anything about the cause of the injury is asked to provide this information to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. You can do this in three ways. The first way is to complete the report on this page and submit it directly to the ministry.

You can send your information to:
The Ministry of Natural Resources,
P.O. Box 819, 100 Don Street, 
Clinton, Ontario, N0M 1L0
(519) 482-3428; Fax (519) 482-5031. 
E-mail can be sent to Conservation Officer Bob Pegg at .

The information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can give this information to Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-TIPS (8477). (Additional information on the Crime Stoppers program is provided following the report.)

Media contacts or general inquiries about bald eagles should be directed to:

Bill Murch, Communications Specialist 
Ministry of Natural Resources
1 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4Y2
Tel: (519) 826-4926
Fax: (519) 826-4929

Thank you for taking the time to complete this report. It is e-mailed directly to the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Please provide the following information 
(Click in the name field to start. Press Tab to advance to the next section):

All information provided in this form is sent directly to the Ministry of Natural Resources and is treated as strictly confidential.
The Canadian Peregrine Foundation has no access to this data.

Phone: Area Code: Number:

Can the MNR contact you for more information: Yes             No 
IF Yes, when is convenient:

Description of what you know. Include individual(s) involved

When did this happen - day of the week:     time:   date:

Where did this happen? (Be specific and indicate the nearest town or city.)

Comments - Any other information you may have:


Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers are nonprofit organizations run by citizens to aid law enforcement agencies solve crimes. They are not government run or funded. They operate on public donations and money raised through fund raising.

The Crime Stoppers program will pay cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of people involved in criminal activity. The program is designed to protect the identity of the person providing the information.


You call the Crime Stoppers office. You will not be asked to identify yourself or provide any other information that could identify you.

You give the information you have about a crime.

You are given an identification number and asked to call back in a certain length of time (i.e. couple of weeks).

Your information is passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The agency will make use of the information as appropriate and report back to Crime Stoppers.

When you call back, give your identification number. You will be told if are eligible for a reward (an arrest has been made) and asked if you want it.

If you say yes, you are told the Board of Directors will decide how much the reward will be and you are given a date to call back.

When you call back, you are given instructions on when and where to pick up the reward.

The reward in cash is put in an envelope and delivered to a pick up location.

You go and pick it up.


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